Scoala "Tudor Vladimirescu" Targoviste


               Being in the community service, providing the future of our community.        School anthem              

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* The Club of the Young Journalists- pupils from the $th grade coordinated by Primary School teacher Mrs. Gabriela Mares- writing and publishing two numbers of the “ Hocus Pocus” newspaper in collaboration with the students of the local university- Valahia University;
* A folk music band AXEL3, a chorus.
 book presentations- “ Le printemps dans les coeurs des enfants”- teacher Monica Mihaila, “Ghid de evaluare pentru educatie tehnologica“- teacher Paulina Matei
* Book launching “Poems”- Cezar Ivanescu, “Epigrams”- George Zarafu, “Echilibru intre antiteze”- Mircea Angelescu, “Joaca-te cu mine bunica Iolanda”- Ioana Dana Nicolae, “Poems”- Daniela Crasnaru.
 * On March 17th , 2006 an activity called Europe in My School, including actions involving and making solider  pupils, parents and teachers all together.
* Nowadays, pupils are involved in projects developing their relationships with the local administration, family or the invironment, in publishing the school magazine called “ Dialog  targovistean”, which soon celebrated its 10 th year of prolific activity.


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